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Wow already looks better than Hades. I am not sure if that is a compliment or an insult.

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could u change the controls on keyboard, (currently) to move you use ''S,D,Z,Q'' so maybe add the ''W,A,S,D'' ?  and possibly to play with any connected controller? not just a ps4 controller ;) thanks 

but other than that, i really like the art style of the game :) 

Hi! thank you, for your feedback, qwerty controlers come soon!

Controls on keyboard and mouse are... strange to say the least

The qwerty controls will come soon!


I enjoy the game. I just dislike the controls and no options to change graphical settings. Overall, outstanding game. Keep up the great work.

Hi! thank you for your feedback, we're working on the controls to be in qwerty too soon!

That's great to know. I can't wait to come back to the game.

Deleted 344 days ago

its fun, but please fix your controls. it may be good in your country, but in america, germany or others its just cancer to play. 

or at least, put in a menu, where you can customize your control settings (if its not too much work)

oh, and also your gamepad controls suck. what did you use for programming? PS4, Iguess. it doesnt work with XBOX or third party controllers, so... thats a thing I wanted you to know

Thank you for your feedback, we're sad that you met some inconvenients,'yes it's a ps4 controller settings.  we'll try to fix it asap! Again, thanks for your comment, it's helping us!

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